“It’s not going to work, you’ll fail, I don’t get it.” These are words that entrepreneurs seeking investment or strategic partnerships have heard time and again, and the words heard many times by Sarah Kugelman, founder and CEO of Skyn Iceland (a $20M lifestyle brand in skincare capturing the attention of A-list celebrities). Sarah, who successfully raised $25 million dollars to build a pioneering company in online beauty retail and sold it to one of the biggest players in the industry, was convinced her mindset would carry her past those objections when building her next business. When you know you’re right and don’t listen to people who are naysayers or who haven’t absorbed your pitch, just keep believing in yourself until you eventually succeed. Sarah joins Julia Pimsleur to share what stress does to your skin; how she overcame a disastrous moment in her company when 80% of her business disappeared overnight and she couldn’t even get access to her inventory; and, about the mindset practice that has set Sarah on the path toward running a billion dollar company.

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