Sarah Carson is the founder of Leota, a women’s apparel company which she has grown into a multi million dollar business. What’s more, she’s done this in the highly competitive fashion industry where only 14% of companies are run by women. She also happens to hold a black belt in Kung Fu, and one of the things she took away from her time competing is: only constant failure can lead to constant improvement (a pretty helpful mindset mantra if you want to be an entrepreneur). Before creating Leota, when she worked in the male dominated world of finance, she felt she needed to hide her femininity. That’s part of what inspired her quest to reinvent power dressing with Leota. “Fashion for Real Life”, she calls it. Leota is named for her great-grandmother, and is built on the principles of empowerment, size inclusivity and optimism. Sarah shares her journey with Julia Pimsleur, including why, for Sarah, doing business differently is the only way to do business; why Sarah believes that striving for balance is striving for mediocrity; the shock of realizing she had limits, and what she did to manage them; and, the one big change Sarah changed in her schedule that transformed her life.

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