Just search Jason Flom on the internet. There’s a lot to see. He’s a successful entrepreneur, and big-time music industry heavyweight who’s worked with many huge artists like Lorde, Tori Amos, Twisted Sister,Stone Temple Pilots, Matchbox 20, Kid Rock, and one of his biggest success stories, Katy Perry — hundreds of millions of records. He’s also a philanthropist, children’s book author (Lulu Is a Rhinoceros), and even a podcast host. He’s also deeply focused on criminal justice reform and social activism. There have been very dark times for Jason; but its because of those dark times that he’s discovered a purpose that’s beyond professional accomplishment — and instead about the amount of change he can make for others.

Jason joins Julia Pimsleur to share how he got himself out of a dark place while being in an industry where you’re only as good as your last hit; how a finding a purpose in helpful others find justice contributed to a life-changing mindset shift; how you dig our way out when you’ve gone down the “rabbit hole” of despair, which can happen to anyone; what remarkable thing that happened when he met Deepak Chopra in the gym; insecurity in the face of extraordinary evidence to the contrary; putting some “gratitude in your attitude”; the idea that “trees don’t grow straight to the sky”; why it helps to issue yourself a “non-moving violation”; and, the “lucky-unlucky test”.

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