Until you have done it, there is no way to know you how hard building a business from scratch really is. It’s all-consuming, and when your life is pretty much all about work, protecting yourself (finding time away from your email and the non-stop fires you have to put out as a founder) usually quickly drops to the very bottom of your list.

Maria Littlefield didn’t have a business background. In fact she was a psychology major. Now she’s Co-Founder of Owl’s Brew, a fast growing company offering tea infused with alcohol — or boozy tea — and her 5 year old company has already raised millions and grabbed several major distribution deals. But that great success hasn’t been without its challenges, both for the business and for herself. In front of a live audience at the Million Dollar Women Summit in New York City, Maria shares her journey with Julia Pimsleur, including how she and her business partner moved past the darkest moment in the company so far, when a huge investor pulled out at the last minute; why yoga was the essential ingredient to her sanity, strong mindset, and resilience; why it’s OK to change and chart a new course; and, how one of the most important mindset shifts you can make is learning to protect your greatest asset: you.

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