Nihal Mehta is an entrepreneur turned VC, running a $100M fund with offices in NY and San Francisco. He was an investor in companies you know like Uber and Airbnb and and a variety of mobile tech companies that exited to the likes of Google, Spotify and Microsoft. Nihal’s career has ridden in part on a wave of serendipity and a motivation from a young age to do things that empower others. Whether investing in promising entrepreneurs, promoting gender parity, or simply offering a listening-ear and some introductions to pretty much anyone who asks, Nihal believes in doing what he can to add fuel to entrepreneurial fires. Nihal joins Julia Pimsleur to share how he is taking chances in order to be more courageous, and how his mindset practices help him find focus and recharge; and how, after years of hearing two-minute pitches from entrepreneurs, what happened when he got his “two minutes.”

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