Marianne Schnall is one of the thought leaders leading the charge on economic gender parity, paving the way for women to advance as leaders in business, entrepreneurship and politics. Marianne shares how she went from from interviewing stars on the red carpet to teaming up with stars on stage to advance women’s issues, about her mindset shift that led to her become an activist and why asking for what you need is sometimes the hardest part of making social change. She has written several books, including What Will it Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership & Power, and is also an accomplished interviewer of Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright, Jane Fonda and Jane Goodall, among others. Marianne is founder of the ground-breaking and more recently she created the What Will it Take movement and co-founded the Women and Money: Making Money Moves that Matter conference. Find out about the women who are shaking things up and what to do about the obnoxious roommate in your head!

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