If anyone had a right to be overwhelmed, it’s Ari Meisel.

At 23 years old — working in high stakes real estate and in debt to the tune of $3 Million — he was finding himself so exhausted he could sometimes work as little as an hour a day. And then, he was informed (via voicemail) that he an autoimmune disease that could mean just two things — surgery or death. Ari accepted neither.

In fact, he created a third option – living better. By relentless research and testing he found a path to not only healing himself, but building out that process of hackling his own life into a structured program that has led him to a high level of success in coaching others via his his company “Less Doing “ — leading others to hack their own lives for better personal and professional productivity.

Ari joins host Julia Pimsleur to share his story and how his mindset shift was the first step in moving to the next level of his business success, and shares thoughts on how being busy is not really a badge of honor, why to-do lists are ineffective, why being irreplaceable may not be as good thing, the reason he won’t travel for the next year, how protection of the entrepreneurial team from the entrepreneurial mindset is paramount, and much more.

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