It takes a pretty big leap of faith to abandon your cushy six-figure salary when you just bought a house, and you come from a family where success means getting promoted higher and higher. Angie Raja did just that. She quit her job, and she and her husband launched RIM Sports — a colorful workout gear company that, after 10 months, hit a million dollars and kept going!“RIM” Stands for Resistance In Motion, which refers to an idea Angie explained to “Million Dollar Mind” podcast host Julia Pimsleur of “staying in motion to accomplish one’s goals, despite the resistance one might be putting up to change. It’s also a great idea to name your company after a mindset practice! Angie shares how a desire to wear a pink pair of Nike’s inspired a business; how Angie react the day the company hit a million dollars in sales; her second mindset shift; how Angie washes her mind of roadblocks; and, the advice she’d like to give herself when she co-founded the company.

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