Ali Hartman leads a double life: She’s a finance executive in New York City, pursuing an ambitious career — and her other life is running a general store in the small town of Grafton, VT. She and her husband moved there from Brooklyn a few years ago, and fell in love with general store that was the heart and soul of the town. Shortly after they moved there, the general store closed. Instead of bemoaning the loss, Ali and her new friend June decided to take over and reinvent the store, bringing it into the 21st Century and online, along with new products and services. In just a year, MKT Grafton has served more than 75,000 people in a town of only 350. Ali was raised in a social justice activist household, and realized that to be a change-maker you need to do it from a base of business knowledge. Running the general store seemed like a natural move, and was an opportunity to make a big change in her own community. Ali shares her story with Julia Pimsleur, including how she put her trust in her business partner and both of their spouses to do something they never thought they’d do; how a “never give up mindset” of resilience that came of her athletic background has been an important tool; and Ali’s best mindset practices, including putting your attention toward your intention.

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