Learn from peak performance expert Gina Mollicone-Long how to break through anything.

When my son Adrian was five years old and learning to tie his shoes, he would get super frustrated and give up. “Focus, and ask for help.” I suggested, and it worked. I actually believe those two things are the key to getting just about anything done in life.

The ability to ask for help is an area where we may have a huge advantage over men, who sometimes find it hard to ask. In order to take my business to the million dollar mark, I sought help from many peers, coaches, and mentors—people I like to call my flying buttresses. (If you don’t know what a flying buttress is, check out my prior blog post.)

Now I’m on a mission to help one million women entrepreneurs reach the $1 million mark by 2020 – I plan to provide you with some of your flying buttresses in this blog, online resources and workshops.

I’m excited to share with you the brand new Million Dollar Women Academy, an online learning center that offers you flying buttresses on demand. You’ll find my first two courses in the Academy there: a fundraising bootcamp (of course) and a new course from one of my own coaches, Gina Mollicone-Long, 10 Secrets of Peak Performers. In 10 Secrets you will learn valuable tips and techniques that you can implement in your life and business right away, including:

  • Why people and systems with the most flexibility always win
  • Why the process of change never changes and the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Why the choosing between results and reasons is critical to your success
  • The idea of “be, do, have” and how this can help you reach your goals much faster

If you are looking for ways to take your business and your own leadership to the next level, I encourage you to take Gina’s course. It only takes less than 90 minutes and you’ll come away with techniques you can use for years. As Gina likes to say,

“Your business can only ever grow to how big you see yourself.”


“Sometimes when you want to get what you don’t have, you have to do what you have never done.”

I waited three years to hear Gina

When I was trying to get my business to the million dollar mark, I joined the Entrepreneur Organization’s Accelerator program in New York to surround myself with other business owners on an ambitious growth path. Through the program, I was excited to learn from big-name business leaders, including the likes of leadership expert Verne Harnish and sales training guru Jack Daly. After I reached the $1M mark, I joined Entrepreneur Organization and then heard many more incredible speakers, but they were all men. It wasn’t until two years into my membership that Gina Mollicone-Long came from Canada to give a talk.

I had been craving hearing from a woman, who knew not only my CEO challenges but my “woman challenges.” Gina’s message of mastery over your emotional state, going for results not reasons, and getting out of your own way really spoke to me. I was so inspired by Gina’s talk that I asked to work with her privately. I flew to Canada and we spent two days together. She is a huge part of the reason I am on the journey I am now on to help other women. What Gina taught me was so inspiring and valuable that I promised myself I would find a way to share it with people who couldn’t work with her one on one. Which brings us to today!

Fast forward to present-day New York City

Close to three years after Gina and I worked together, I asked her to come to New York and share her core teachings with the same EO Accelerator program I had been part of, and which I now volunteer chair. While Gina was in New York we filmed the course for Million Dollar Women Academy and did a super fun, get personal interview which you can see part of here:

Gina is the first person to say she doesn’t have anything to teach you that you can’t find on your own, but she can get you there faster. “I’m like a Sherpa,” Gina says. “You can get to the top without me! But I am going to help you get to the top faster and with less effort.”

Enjoy learning with Gina and remember, focus, and ask for help!

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